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1 Months

Borrowing: £1000

Representative APR: 1192%

Repayment By: 5.1.2016

Interest: £58.68

Total Repayment: £1058.68

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Rates from 35.9% APR to max 1304% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 3 months. Maximum Loan Length is 12 months. Representative Example: £250 borrowed for 3 months. Total amount repayable is £411.63 in 3 monthly instalments of £137.21. Interest charged is £161.63, annual interest rate of 292% (fixed). Representative 1192% APR (variable). We are a free licensed credit broker, not a lender.

1 Month Loans

Month Payday Loans – instant cash when you need it most

We’ve all been in situations before when we needed quick cash and didn’t know where to turn. You can’t always borrow from a friend, and you don’t want to take out a huge loan you’ll be paying back for years for a small, one-time expense. 30 day loans are quick, easy, and short-term, making them the perfect solution.

Traditional loans can take days, even weeks, to process, and even longer for the funds to arrive. Waiting around only costs you more money in the end.

When you need cash fast, 30 day loans are the answer

With 1 month loans, you get an instant response, and funds are transferred into your account immediately upon approval. From application to approval to cash, you can be ready to go in as little as one day.

What’s more, 30 day loans mean you don’t have to worry about carrying around unwanted debt for years because of a one-time financial need. Simply repay the small loan on your next payday, and you’re done.

If you’re in need of instant, short-term cash, 1 month payday loans are the most practical, convenient option.

What are 1 month loans?

1 month loans are short-term loans that offer help to people who need quick cash to cover unexpected expenses. They are also called 1 month payday loans, because they are lent out against a borrower’s income and often paid back at the borrower’s next payday.

What are the benefits of 1 month loans?

Fast. 30 day loans are instant. Many times, applications are processed in minutes and funds are received within hours. When you need money quick, 1 month payday loans are the answer.

Easy. While no one is guaranteed to qualify for any loans, 1 month loans are much easier to qualify for than traditional loans. Many people with bad credit are approved for a 30 day loan.

Convenient. 1 month loans are processed completely online, so you never have to leave your house. Forget lengthy paperwork too, all we need is some basic information.

Short-term. If you need a small amount of money for a one-time expense, 30 day loans are ideal. These short-term loans are paid back at your next payday, so you don’t have to worry about carrying debt for years on end.

Is a 1 month loan right for me?

Whether or not a 1 month loan is right for you really depends on your personal situation. If you’re in need of fast cash for a short-term expense, 30 day loans are certainly an option worth considering. However, if you’re in need of a long-term financial solution or a large loan, you will probably want to consider other options.

What are the requirements for a 1 month loan?

Eligibility requirement will vary by lender, but generally speaking, all require that you:

  • Are a citizen or resident of the UK
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have a UK bank account which can receive electronic payments

Can I get a 1 month loan if I have no income?

While you don’t necessarily need to have a large income to qualify for a 30 day loan, and many lenders will consider non-traditional forms of income such as benefits and self-employment, if you have absolutely no regular monthly income, it’s unlikely that you’ll be approved for a 1 month loan.

Can I get a 1 month loan with no credit check?

Many of our lenders will offer loans without extensive credit checks. This is because payday loans are lent against your income, so lenders are not as interested in your credit score as a traditional lender would be.

Can I get a 1 month loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to get a 1 month loan even if you have bad credit. While there is no such thing as guaranteed loans, 30 day payday loans are much easier to obtain than most traditional loans. Because our lenders are able to give you a loan against your income, having bad credit does not disqualify you from a loan.

How long does it take to get my 1 month loan?

The exact time it takes you to receive your 1 month payday loan will vary depending on when you apply. However, you will usually receive your decision the day that you apply, sometimes within minutes. If you are approved for a loan, your funds will be transferred almost instantly, excepting some bank holidays. It is common to apply and receive your funds in the same day.

What is the difference between 1 month loans and installment loans?

1 month loans are typically paid back on the borrower’s subsequent payday, or within 30 days, in full. In other words, they are short-term loans that are paid back all at once. Installment loans are paid off in installments, so it might take someone 6 months, 1 years, 5 years, or more to pay off an installment loan in monthly installments.

While some 1 month loans have higher interest rates than installment loans, it’s important to remember that the longer you take to repay a loan, the more interest you accrue. Because of that, installment loans are not necessarily cheaper than 1 month loans.

Should I take out a 1 month loan if I don’t think I’ll be able to pay it back?

No. Before taking out any loan, you should always be fairly certain that you’ll be able to repay it on time. If you don’t think you’ll be able to repay your 1 month loan on time, it’s not a good idea to take one out. You should always consider all of your financial options, from shifting expenditures to borrowing from friends, before taking out a loan.

Very Merry Example

Loan Amount: £300
Loan Term: 3 months
Interest: £193.96
Total Repayable: £493.96 Apply

Representative APR: 1192%. (variable)
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk.